Published On: 2021年10月22日

Won Good Design Award 2021

MUNI KYOTO was awarded for Good Design Award 2021 on October 20.

MUNI KYOTO has been selected as one of 1,608 winners from among 5,835 entries, the largest number ever, following two rounds of rigorous screening by 88 judges, including designers, architects, and other specialists from Japan and abroad who are active at the forefront of their field.

The award was bestowed in recognition of our total design, not only the architecture but including interior design and hospitality services.

Comment from a judge

“It would be apt to say that ‘architecture and landscaping are of equal importance in Kyoto, as an extension of the garden, there is a strong sense of continuity with the neighboring environments, in the sense of making good use of the surroundings.’ I feel that is exactly what has been achieved. Hotel is both garden-like and gives the impression of a prestigious museum. I felt that lodging at this hotel would enhance the value of staying in Kyoto. It delights me to see that such a hotel, where not only the architecture but also the interior design and services are unified with a high degree of aesthetic sense, has been built in Kyoto.”

Source: Good Design Award website

What is the Good Design Award?

The Good Design Award, established in 1957 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, is considered one of the four most prestigious design awards in the world, and it is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system in Japan. It is a movement to enhance industry and lifestyle culture through design, and numerous companies and designers in Japan and abroad take part.

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